This began as attempt to modernize some of the lyrics of an ancient hymn, “Christian, Dost Thou See Them” by Andrew of Crete (660-732 AD). Before I knew it, I was writing a new hymn with echoes of the old one embedded within. The message of the hymn is that struggles are a normal part of the Christian life, but by God’s grace in Christ, we can overcome. I like to sing it to the tune “King’s Weston” by Ralph Vaughn Williams that gives it a feel of militant defiance to Satan’s kingdom.



“Christian Do You Struggle”


Christian, do you struggle  on the battleground,

‘gainst the powers of darkness  closing in around?

Christian, rise, take courage,  Satan’s pow’r is bound

by the cross of Jesus,  cast those demons down.     


Christian, do you battle  evil’s power within,

as it tempts and lures you  into pride and sin?

Christian, do not tremble,  do not be downcast;

arm yourself for battle,  watch and pray and fast.


Christian, do you hear the  Adversary’s jeers?

He says, “God can’t love you”  bringing you to tears.

Christian, call on Jesus  and His name confess,

stand strong in Christ’s armor: His free righteousness.


Christian, do you wrestle  with the Devil near?

He says, “Prayer is worthless;  your God will not hear.”

Christian, answer boldly:  “While I breathe I pray!”

Peace shall follow battle,  night shall end in day.


Christian, are you fearful  that your strength will fail,

that your soul will perish,  that death will prevail?

Christian, rest in Jesus;  He’s our champion strong.

Hell’s gates He has broken;  raise the victor’s song.


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