When the GOP was in the majority in the senate, but with not enough votes to over ride Democratic filibusters, the GOP argued that the filibuster ought to be done away with. The Democrats vigorously opposed this as being against the traditions of the senate and an offense to the rights of the minority. However, years later when the Democrats were in charge of the senate but with not enough votes to override GOP filibusters, the Democrats argued that the filibuster ought to be done away with and the GOP howled with outrage that the traditions of the senate were being ignored and the rights of the minority trampled on. Members of each party completely and totally switched positions and argued vigorously against arguments they themselves had once made. It was humorous to have media outlets show video of the exact same senator in split screen arguing against himself.

I have noticed that this is not unusual Politicians often use morality or principle as a weapon to defeat an opponent, but if the same issue later comes to apply to them or their allies, they suddenly back off of the consequences of that particular moral failure or change their principles. Let us say a leader in one party makes a racially bigoted remark or commits adultery, the other party pounces on them and demands their resignation with the utmost moral outrage. When, however, the shoe is on the other foot and a previously morally out raged party has one of their own members do exactly the same thing, there is every excuse given as to why it is OK or there is just dead silence about the matter.

What this reveals is their moral outrage was never real. They don’t really believe in morality or principle. What they worship is power because they are willing change their morality or principles to stay in power. This reveals our country is being lead by amoral individuals who are more concerned about being at the top politically than they are committed to any vision for what is good. We are being lead by moral hypocrites for whom morality is am image projected to get themselves elected or a weapon to be used against opponents. It is a thin paint job hiding the lust for power that reigns in their hearts.

A person of morality and character puts their principles ahead of everything else. If something is wrong for one person, it is wrong for all. If a member of their own tribe or party commits a crime, they are just as morally outraged as had it been one of their political enemies. Their life is guided by higher principles, not by what their party bosses tell them to do. They will be true to their character even if it means they will lose an election.

I am not saying a politician cannot engage in the art of political compromise. They may have to vote for bills that contain elements they disagree with because it also contains items they do believe in which they strongly want passed. They just need to explain this to their constituents .

Also, I am not saying that mercy cannot be extended to those that have fallen. One of the principles we believe in as Christians is grace. I am not for politicians being judgmental pharisees, always finding fault with others. I am saying that if grace is extended to our allies, it must also be equally extended to our enemies. I am not saying self righteousness ought to characterize our politicians, but that instead they ought to be morally consistent in how they treat all people, political friends and foes alike.


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