Those that want Islamic nations to become fully apart of the modern world just have to do one thing, but it’s the one thing they are blind to or to scared of to insist on. That one thing is to insist that Islamic countries practice true freedom of religion. Despite the fact that Islamic countries are signatories to the United Nations treaties that insist on freedom of religion, they almost all forbade religious conversions from Islam and they all discriminate against religious minorities in various ways. For example, it much harder for a non-muslim group to get a building permit for their place of worship that it is for muslims to get permits to build a mosque. Without true religious freedom, there is no freedom of conscience or freedom of thought. These are essential to a free society where people are allowed to be different from the dominant paradigm. Without freedom of religion, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly are meaningless. If persons are not allowed to think differently, then the ability to speak is irrelevant because they wont want to say anything new. This is why it is essential that Islamic countries be moved to practice true freedom of religion. Then their people will be able to participate in true democracy where the exchange of differing ideas is permitted. Most modern policy makers are secular in their orientation and therefore do not see freedom of religion as important. It doesn’t matter to them that much and so they assume it has little value in reforming society. They are blinded by their own culture position and are unable to truly understand how Islamic societies work. Religion is the totalitarian glue that force those societies into uniformity. It does not allow them to respect people who are different and to honor their rights. Freedom of the press and freedom to vote and freedom to assemble cant make much of a impact on cultures where people aren’t allowed to think differently. Only freedom of religion can grant this gift. This is why policy makers of the western world must implement a full court press on the free practice of religion in Islamic countries. Blasphemy laws must be revoked. The rights of religious minorities must be honored. There must be no difference in how their laws treat Muslims and other members of society. There must be no disadvantage legally to being a non-Muslim. Muslims (like all people) must be totally free to change religion or to not be religious are all. When these reforms are implemented, Islamic countries will swiftly transform into modern democracies.


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