Jesus is reigning in heaven working all things for the good of his people. This is true when we go through personal difficulties. It is still true when the church goes through difficult times in society. All things happen according to God’s good and wise purposes for his people, in which he is conforming us to the image of Christ. The recent Supreme Court decision does not mean God has ceased to be sovereign. This is all happening under his good and wise plan and we shouldn’t despair. We should seek to be faithful in whatever new circumstances we find our selves, trusting God is in control and believing his kingdom will triumph. Thus we must live in hope, not despair, through whatever changes our society goes through.

We must remember the early church was a very small group inside one the most powerful nations on the face of the earth, the Roman Empire. At various times the empire put all its resources into harming the church, but the church survived and even grew. Jesus was king then, and he is king now.

We must remember that Christians are a minority in many, many nations on the face of the earth right now, just like they were in 1st century Rome. We have grown use to being a majority that was supported in many ways by the dominant culture. We have had it relatively easy in living for Christ in this world. God in his wisdom has decided we need a change. But do not despair. Our loving savior still reigns working all things for our good and that includes the new cultural situation we find ourselves in.

Some say the Supreme Court ruling will not result in persecution of Christians, others say it will. But what if it does? Is not cross bearing an essential part of the Christian call? I do not glory in persecution. I do not want it. But as a faithful minister of the gospel I must call all of us to be prepared for it, whether in the present circumstances or others to come. We have had political prosperity gospel. As long as we were faithful, we would always live in a land that politically favored us and our viewpoints. This is not promised to us by Christ, who bore the cross for our salvation and asks us to take up the cross to follow him.

I do not presume to read the mysterious providences of God, but perhaps we will be able to do things for him as a minority that we could never do as a majority. Peter says we should not be surprised at the trials we face and says one of the reasons for this is that judgement begins with the household of God. Many people are jumping off the Christian ship, as recent polls indicate, because it is no longer culturally to their advantage to claim to be a Christian. Perhaps in this more trimmed down, but relatively more spiritual attuned form, the church will be able to reach people in a greater way. These are just speculations. I do not know if this is God’s plan or not. I simply point out a way in which God could turn this whole situation for the good of his people.

In CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan the Lion is a Christ figure. When things are going bad for Tirian the last King of Narnia, he turns to his friend and advisor, the unicorn Jewel, and says, “Let us accept the adventure that Aslan sends us.” Let us accept the adventure Christ is sending us on in this new cultural situation we face. Christ is still on the throne working all things for the triumph of his purposes. Let us move forward in faith and hope, not despair, seeking to be faithful to him in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.


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