The Old Testament is a like an epic mystery novel. It contains numerous plot lines involving prophets, priests, kings. It is made up varied forms of literature including historical narrative, poetry and law codes. In it are found promises, prophecies, prayers and proverbs. There are amazing stories and strange ceremonies.

What ties all these things together? What could weave all these seemingly disjointed images into a beautiful tapestry? Is there a missing piece to this puzzle that will bring the picture into focus? Is there a final twist to the plot that will make sense of the whole story?

The answer begins with the baby in the manager, Jesus. He is the fulfillment of all the law and the prophets. They were all written about him. He is the final chapter in this epic Old Testament novel that brings it to its climax and conclusion. He is the revelation of the mystery that remained hidden for ages but that has now been made known in the arms of mother Mary. He is the culmination of God’s eternal plan, foreshadowed in the Old Testament, but now put into action through the coming of this baby boy.

In his teaching we have the perfect interpretation of the law. In his life we find the fulfillment of all the prophesies. In his saving work we find the true meaning behind the ceremonies. He is the wisdom that makes the proverbs applicable to life. He is the music that make the Psalms soar with praise in a divine oratorio. You simply cannot understand the Old Testament with out seeing it through the coming of Christ nor can you understand who Jesus is without seeing the foundation God laid for his coming in its pages.

The word advent means “coming.” Today we light the advent candle in testimony that God has come to us in Jesus Christ just as he promised he would in the Old Testament Scriptures. On that first Christmas he began to fulfill the Old Testament plan of salvation by coming to us as a baby. He is the final chapter of that great novel written by God the Holy Spirit that ties up all the loose ends and reveals the glorious solution to God’s grand mystery.



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